Abacus – A Whole Brain Development Activity For Your Ward

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Abacus - A Whole Brain Development Activity For Your Ward

Children can study Abacus within a playful environment by enrolling in our abacus education at Semas Abacus. Learning is made enjoyable on this amusing and joyous podium. Taking advantage of our adapted teaching techniques ensures that kids quickly grasp the lessons. Enhancing confidence and modifying individuality are two of the benefits of our mental arithmetic course.

What Is Abacus? - The Tool

What is Abacus? Abacus has been a tool used across the world since ancient times. It is a slate with tiny beads that help in the calculation of complex arithmetic problems.

Ancient computing instruments like the Abacus have been proven to develop the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Modern abacus training allows students to boost their grades and compete within a competitive framework.

Benefits Of Abacus Education

  1. Enhanced listening skills
  2. Increased concentration
  3. Enhancement to Recall capabilities
  4. Enhancement in Visualization

Abacus Education Is Game-based Education

Semas Abacus uses game-based education that keeps children engaged and active in learning. Kids are able to develop a competitive spirit through pioneer technology, such as the Score Boards, Point Card, and Speed Building software. Our teaching method follows the calculation system in school, ensuring easy learning.

Tools Used To Teach Mental Arithmetic Through Abacus Education

Speed Building Software

An animated platform is provided to kids with this exclusive software in order to cultivate math skills in them. Speed Building Software is amusing for children and provides them with a way to participate for an extended period without becoming monotonous. A host of video games are integrated into the software (level-by-level).

International Competitions

In order to facilitate exams, competitions are held at the state, center, international, and national levels. It decreases the need for students and their parents to travel for the same exam over and over again. Additionally, it instantly measures the accuracy and speed of kids.

Class Conduction Techniques Customized for the Classroom

In preparation for taking lessons, our Abacus educators prepare a list of items to cover. Every student has the chance to win prizes and earn points in our unique learning rooms. Every lesson is designed to improve your child’s ability to stand competitively and to win.

Brief Overview Of Abacus Education Program

Criteria For Eligibility

A child or ward must be between the ages of 4 and 14 to be eligible for this program. If your child is aged four years and older or 14 years and under, then they should sign up for this mental arithmetic class.

Duration Of Abacus Education

There are 10 levels in our abacus education. Each level lasts about 3-4 months, and the total course time is 30 months.

Learning Periods

Classes on Abacus will be held every week. Each class lasts about two hours. Children are welcome to bring their lunches.

Why Choose Abacus Education?

Kids can benefit from the Abacus because it helps develop the whole brain, which supports cognitive skills as well as problem-solving and creative ability. Academics and life, in general, are made more accessible and more enjoyable by incorporating successful and self-assured behavior

Play and Learn is the method by which the kid learns mathematics through Abacus. The course of Abacus distinguishes itself from other programs by incorporating both olden-day techniques and modern technology.

Your child’s brain will develop faster if they go to school from an early age. The reason for this is the computer age and their ability to adapt. Putting your child into Abacus classes when they are 4 will maximize their learning potential for a successful future. The team at Semas Abacus does more than offer math games; they also teach math based on the curriculum and level of the students.


Go for it! Choosing today can make all the difference! In just a few days, you will see the result of your child becoming a leader. Take advantage of this opportunity for your child. A classroom experience at an early stage will provide them with an in-depth understanding of Abacus. Make Abacus a habit today, and you will enjoy it later!

Contact our abacus classes in Australia to learn more about the benefits of Abacus and the current batches that fit your requirements.

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