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SEMAS Abacus has an exclusive program for all schools, tailored to the individual institution’s needs.  If you are interested in including our abacus course program in your school curriculum, please fill the inquiry form below or contact us for more details.
SEMAS, one of the World’s highly reputed Abacus brands, directly ties up with schools and institutions to promote quality-oriented Abacus training for students from all age groups. We have been successfully providing Abacus classes all around the Globe for more than a decade. We provide the most pleasing learning experience with unique study materials that help boost students’ mental ability in proven ways. We create customized plans for students of all age groups.

Nowadays, Abacus is used widely in many reputed schools and institutions as an add-on facility introduced to improve the efficiency and speed of mathematics calculations. Studies have shown that Abacus enhances the ability of children to perform mathematical calculations and develops the overall analytical skills.

We offer a platform for all the schools and institutions to facilitate abacus education (through online and offline models), which can foster the brain development of students along with the known mathematical skills and help them perform better in their studies.

We have the following options available as per your requirements:

School Mode
We can introduce abacus learning to students as part of their school curriculum or after-school activity. It would help students in improving their concentration and memory power. It also enhances the child’s problem-solving ability.

We can create a custom abacus learning plan for your institution and make it suit the current curriculum’s needs. This way, the focus remains on the curriculum, and Abacus helps them understand maths better.

Online Portal Mode
We can also introduce Abacus learning online with SEMAS’s Online learning portal. Schools and institutions can also introduce it to their digital classroom through a learning portal. Students who wish to learn Abacus online or learn it from anywhere can choose this model.

In the current online learning scenario, this is the best way to keep children interested in learning and make learning fun for them. This way, they can learn their curriculum syllabus with ease and pay complete attention to it with our custom programs that suit their needs and keep the curriculum goals in parallel sight.

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