What is mini soroban

We designed our Mini Soroban Abacus course for kids to teach young students the skill of numerical visualization. This is a foundation course that starts preparing your child for the future. It is suitable for kids between the ages of 3 and 5.

The mini soroban abacus course lights the flame of curiosity and learning in a child and prepares them to become lifelong learners and problem solvers.

10 minutes of daily practice with an abacus can help your child scale new heights in their academic life.

Let’s Understand What You Get

Abacus has multiple benefits for a child. Take a look at how abacus classes will help your child grow.

Abacus Helps Your Child Foster Love For Maths.

  • Course Duration – 1 to 2 years
  • Total Number Of Sessions – 10 sessions on an average per school term
  • Number Of Sessions Every Week – 1 session
  • Length Per Session – 30 minutes
  • Maximum Students Per Class – 5 to 7
  • Daily Commitment To Practice – 10 minutes
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Abacus Improves Brain Function and Activity.

  • Improved Academic performance
  • Improvement in problem-solving ability
  • Fostering of creativity
  • Increased concentration and focus
  • Better reflexes
  • Improves reading and writing ability
  • Increase in memory power and grasp

Transparent Fee Structure To Fit Your Budget

  • One-Time Enrollment Fee – $105 (Includes registration, bag, t-shirt, abacus tool, and book A)
  • Fee Per Term – $255 (2 installment payment plan available on request)
  • Level 1 course material (2 Books) – $20/book
  • Level 2 course material (2 Books) – $20/book
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