Rules And Regulations


  1. The student should attend classes/demonstrations/competitions dressed only in SEMAS uniform, as supplied in the student kit. The student should use only the Study Materials of SEMAS and bring all materials to classes without exception.
  2. Practice/playing at home on the abacus, should be done at least 3 times a week for at least 15 minutes (Daily exercise is recommended for optimal achievement). All assignments and homework must be signed off by parents in the homework book before the next class.
  3. The student should be well disciplined and behave properly in classes. The parents of the student are responsible for any damages to property and any harm done to others in the classroom caused by their child.
  4. The students have to attend all classes. Application for leave should be made at least one week prior to a class. Then only one opportunity for compensatory classes will be given. This must be arranged by the parents, will be taken up at a convenient date and time for the instructor. Special circumstances will be accepted of course. If student goes on extended leave or long holiday, student will be placed on hold up to the end of the enrolled term, thereafter, a re-registration fee of $50 will apply.
  5. The student, who fails to attend two sessions continuously without prior notification by parents, will be construed as having discontinued the course. No refund of any fees will be made to such students. A student will however be readmitted if the student wishes to join again and all outstanding fees for the quarter have been paid in full.
  6. The student will write an exam after completion of each level (Kyu). The student should score at least 70% to pass the level. The promoted student will be provided with an International Merit Certificate.
  7. The student is charged a tuition fee. This fee may be paid either ANNUALLY, QUARTERLY or BI-QUARTERLY by EFT or Electronic Transfer. Student Kit fees for each level is payable before the start of that level. Cancellation of any session by SEMAS due to unexpected reasons will be duly compensated after arrangements between parents and the instructor.
  8. The student should remit the enrolment fees and study materials cost inclusive of one lump sum before the first class. The term course fees should be paid in advance of the following term. No refund of fees shall be made under any circumstances
  9. Any study material or equipment that needs to be replaced due to loss or damage, will have to be replaced at the cost of the parent.
  10.  The student will be provided with the next module’s books after passing the examination of the previous level and upon receipt of payment for the next module’s books. Tuition fees must also be up to date in order to receive the next module’s books.
  11.  The Instructor (Sensei) or the authorities in the Centre have the authority to cancel any class provided an alternative arrangement is made to compensate.
  12.  The Management of SEMAS has the right to make any changes in the centre and course structure due to administrative/strategic reasons. SEMAS reserves the right to postpone the start of any course until a minimum of 5 students are enrolled.
  13.  One term’s notice in writing is to be emailed to the head office when terminating this contract.
  14.  An extra fee of $10 will be charged on quarterly payments made later than the 7 th of each quarter.