Features And Benefits

SEMAS Abacus courses develop a natural number sense in children. Our unique and proven techniques remove the fear of Math from the mind of children right from childhood.

By understanding our unique techniques, students develop the expertise to perform extensive calculations mentally with extraordinary speed and perfection. We can proudly state that our training enhances children’s Math Skills. We believe that this results from overall brain development. Not only it improves Arithmetic skills but also enhances overall academics with crucial life skills as well.

1. Learning Which Feels Fun

We have developed numerous mathematical games that ensure practicing maths in an appealing and fun-loving environment. It is an enhancement program that strengthens children’s mental arithmetic skills.

We combine the children’s activeness with competitive, challenging and exciting games. “Fun Stress” (as we refer to it) while playing these unique and exciting games raises the dopamine level of children and enhances their “number sense” along with the overall brain abilities, which benefit the children throughout their life.

2. Perfect Blend Of Advanced And Ancient Technologies

SEMAS Abacus is a perfect fusion of Ancient methods and Modern Technology. In our program, we value the learning and wisdom of Ancient techniques and use new technologies from the modern age to create a completed brain development program.

We guide not only students but also teachers and parents through various training tools developed by us, which improve the quality and result. We have different tools, which makes Abacus learning easy and fascinating.

Student Support App: This app facilitates both parents and students. It provides a platform to students for mock examination, online gaming (Speed building games) & distribution of results. Parents can also record their children’s progress and attendance records very quickly.

Online Games (Speed building Software): As the level of abacus learning for kids increases, so does its complexity. Abacus requires constant practice, and we recommend a minimum of 10 minutes of learning every day. Abacus math for kids may become dull because of the same repetitive way of solving problems. Our Software ensures proper engagement and keeps the involvement of the children alive by making them practice sums on a gaming platform with bright and vibrant colors, sound effects, and storytelling.

For Franchisees :

Training App: SEMAS has launched this app to facilitate its franchisee partners and provide them unlimited training support. By using this, trainees can view the videos that have been recorded by our experts. It is a convenient tool for providing training to or franchisee anywhere.

Virtual Abacus: In order to facilitate its franchisee partners, SEMAS has developed unique Software for providing teacher’s training that works as per the input of any arithmetic problem with appropriate mathematical functions. It automatically calculates and presents the output, along with the display of the proper finger movements, on your screen. It is the perfect Software designed to enable virtual Abacus Math Training.

3. Mind Stimulation Exercise

As your child grows up and starts the journey of life, their brain develops. How they gain knowledge from the surroundings is crucial at this stage of their lives. As educators, we are responsible for supporting your child to meet the breakthroughs in their intellectual development by integrating various brain-stimulating exercises into their lifestyle.

Some exercises we use

Screaming For Happiness: We encourage children to scream, which helps them release their stress.

Belly Breathing: This exercise provides mental and physical relief and improves confidence, remove anxiety.

Humming Breath: This exercise helps overcome anxiety, anger, and stress and improves memory and concentration.

Laughter Exercise: It is a proven way of improving overall health by boosting the immune system and elevating the mood.

4. School Calculation System
Most of the Abacus companies adhere to the left-to-right calculation method. Schools teach using the right to left calculations model. This creates a lot of confusion for children. To be in sync with the school calculation method, the Research and Development team at SEMAS Abacus has developed a special right to left calculation system, which works in alignment with the school’s syllabus at SEMAS Abacus Classes too.
Benefits Benefits
SEMAS Abacus enables children “to see” math. Our unique techniques help remove the fear of Math right from childhood. By mastering our specific techniques, students develop the expertise to perform extensive calculations mentally with astonishing speed and efficiency.

Our training program enhances Math Skills, and we believe that this results from overall brain development. Not only it improves Arithmetic skills, but SEMAS abacus also improves overall academics with following crucial life skills too.

  • Focus and Concentration
  • Self-Confidence
  • Photographic Memory
  • Visualization
  • Listening Skill
  • Ability To Recall
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