What is Abacus
Abacus, also known as counting frame, is a calculating device that has been in use since ancient times and is still in use today. Abacus was used in ancient East Asia, Europe, China, and Russia, centuries before the adoption of the written Arabic numeral system. The exact origin of the Abacus is unknown. However, it is believed to have originated in China.

The invention of Abacus happened thousands of years ago to perform arithmetic calculations, and today it is widely used in various brain development programs.

Research on Abacus
Abacus is an ancient device that has intrigued many educationists and scientists. The reason behind it is its legacy that spans back almost 3000 years and the simplicity it presented to calculate the complex numerical needs of that era. The extraordinary speed and accuracy that an Abacus user shows became a subject of research for the scientists of the 20th century.

Studies have shown that using abacus as a mental calculation method is effective in the development of the right brain. Initially, this idea was only a hypothesis and not proven, but after thorough research, scientists have concluded that abacus maths develops a child’s mind holistically.


Feature Benefits
SEMAS Abacus courses develop a natural number sense in children. Our unique and proven techniques remove the fear of Math from the mind of children right from childhood.

By understanding our unique techniques, students develop the expertise to perform extensive calculations mentally with extraordinary speed and perfection. We can proudly state that our training enhances children’s Math Skills. We believe that this results from overall brain development.

Exclusive Program For School
SEMAS Abacus has an exclusive program for all schools, tailored to the individual institution’s needs.  If you are interested in including our abacus course program in your school curriculum, please contact us.