Important Notice
  1. You will be invoiced per term. Late starters in the term will be given pro-rata fees.
  2. Your child may begin the first lesson once the Registration & Kit Fee and the first Tuition Fee payment has been received.
  3. Unpaid Tuition Fees (15 days late) will result in the suspension of your child from classes from the 15 th of that month. Once outstanding fees are paid up your child may return to classes.
  4. SEMAS reserves the right to postpone the start of any class until a minimum of 5 students are enrolled.
  5. One term’s notice in writing will apply when cancelling the student enrolment.
  6. The tuition fee that you pay, reserves a place for you, therefore NO REFUND or CREDIT of fees can be made for missed lessons.
  7. Invoices will be sent out quarterly at the end of each quarter for the beginning of the next quarter regardless of whether payments are made in one or two instalments. Annual payments will only be invoiced once per annum and are payable prior to the start of the 1 st class of the year.
  8. The online competed enrolment form will go to SEMAS head office and emailed to your chosen centre teacher. Your invoice will be emailed by your centre teacher.
  9. Other than the standard issue of study material which you will receive in your registration, all other course module books must be paid for by the parent. For a detailed schedule of follow-on module books and courses, please request from our office. The schedule gives an approximate guide of how long it will take the average student to move through each module. Your child may move faster or slower than the guide on the schedule, and either way, it is not an issue for the child. Each child is allowed to move at their own pace which is comfortable for them. No registration kits, follow on kits or module books will be issued unless payment has been received for the items, ansd unless tuition fees are up to date.
Once-off Registration Fees (payable at the time of enrolment)
Once-off registration fee Registration materials included in registration fee
Mini Soroban Level 1,(Ages 3 – 4) $ 105.00 Bag, Mini Abacus, T-Shirt, Mini Soroban Books 1, & Stationery
Mini Soroban Level 2 (Ages 4 – 5) $ 105.00 Bag, Mini Abacus, T-Shirt, Mini Soroban Book 4 & Stationary.
Soroban Kids (Ages 5 – 7) $ 120.00 Registration, Bag, SK Abacus, T-Shirt, Book A, Stationery
Mastering Soroban (Ages 7 – 11) $ 120.00 Registration, Bag, MS Abacus, T-Shirt, Fundamental Book A&B, Stationery
Tuition Fee Structure
Option 1:
2 Instalment payment plan,
1st payment to be made in week 1 of term,
2nd payment to be made in week 5 of term.
Option 2:
Full Fee payable at the beginning of each quarter
Option 3:
Annual Payment
(-5% discount)
Mini Soroban Level 1, (Ages 3 – 4) 2 instalments of 127.50 $ 255.00 $ 969.00
Mini Soroban Level 2 (Ages 4 – 5) 2 instalments of 127.50 $ 255.00 $ 969.00
Soroban Kids (Ages 5 – 7) 2 instalments of 157.50 $ 315.00 $ 1197.00
Mastering Soroban (Ages 7 – 11) 2 instalments of 187.50 $ 375.00 $ 1425.00